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A Week in the Life: Two For the Price of One!

a week in the life

It’s been a busy two weeks!  Between camping, cleaning and writing support letters for Bolivia (my intended departure date is coming up fast!) I couldn’t seem to find the time to post my week’s in the life, but there’s good news!  Two bits of good news actually, first, my family has finally left the stoneage and purchased a wireless router!  I’ve gotten so much done in three hours already, this amount would have taken me at least a week when I used to have to “plug in” my laptop.  So thankful those days are over!  And the second bit of good news is I have a few actual, meaty, non-week in the life blog’s to post in the next few days, so get ready!

witl-41.Ellie is our own little “Fancy Nancy,” taking every opportunity she can do dress up! 2.  Lunch at the Windmill Gardens in Sumner.  Even when I’m not traveling I can pretend like I am with the cute European windmill. 3.  Spending time with my 85 years young grandma. 4.  My favorite summer treat, going to the Drive-In! To bad I was not a fan of Total Recall. 5. I was blessed to have the opportunity to photograph my dear friend MB’s wedding.  I was so busy with my DSLR that I only got the chance to snap this one pic on Instagram. 6.  She also hapened to get married on the hottest day of the year, it made for some gorgeous pics though.  I snapped this one on the drive home.  7. My favorite little town in Washington, Leavenworth.  A bit of Bavaria in Washington State! 8. Forest fires are ripping up Eastern Washington right now.  It breaks my heart.


1.  I spent a week reading, relaxing and swimming at Eastern WA’s Lake Bonaparte. 2. Lake Bonaparte from our cabins porch. 3. My favorite game ever!  Discovered by my team in Bolivia, I found it at a store in Leavenworth and my sister and I played it all week! 4. Cooling off with Ellie in the lake.  The water was crystal clear, I loved it. 5. I’ve always known about Leavenworth, the themed Bavarian town, but I never knew about Winthrop, a themed Cowboy town!  It was pretty cool.  6.  Taking the long way home across the North Cascades Highway, possibly the prettiest drive I’ve ever been on, and I love the color of Diablo Lake! 7.  Celebrating my birthday with my family.  To appease the masses I passed over my traditional funfetti cake for a red velvet cake instead.  It was a hit.  8.  Spending time with our incredible neighbors, wishing they didn’t primarily live in Hawaii/Germany.

So there you have it.  Two weeks in the life!  Now, I just can’t wait for the weeks I spend in Bolivia and the cool things God is going to show!


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A Week In The Life: July 24-30

a week in the life

Here we go, round three of A Week in the Life!  I will admit that this last week wasn’t the most fun filled, but to continue the habit building I trudged on, my trusty Ipod and the Instagram App in hand!

And if you have yet to read my last blog posts, “What Can $100 Get You?” and “Something Tangible” click on the links.  Read them and pass ’em on!  Fundraising is admittedly my least favorite part of this whole process, but I understand the necessity of it, and I think it’s so cool that it allows others to truly invest and become world changers themselves.

Anyways, back to a week in the life!


1. I found myself as a homebody for most of the week and my sweet puppy Gidget kept me company. 2. My first Venti starbucks drink ever, a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, good choice!  Thanks for the birthday gift Project Searchlight! 3. I watched my first Olympics opening ceremony ever, all 4 hours of it, and I just realized which finger Mr. Bean was playing the piano with… 4.  Helping out at the youth garage sale for the 3rd summer in a row, and PTL, we made nearly $1500 for youth programs at the church! 5. Enjoying Jaymee’s bridal shower, one of the few friends I’ve had for more than 20 years. 6. Nothing like a summer dinner, corn on the cob, asparagus, french bread and steak. 7. Super blessing, thanks the my attention the coupons, I got all of these crayons and markers for FREE! I’m excited to put them in care packages to take with me to Bolivia! 8. Rooting on the US during the mens 400 Freestyle relay, I guess silver will have to do 🙂

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A Week In The Life: July 17-23

a week in the lifeFrom the mountains of Georgia all the way back to Seattle, this week was a busy one!awitl

1.  I,J,K and L squads barter for their dinner during a market simulation at their training camp at Taccoa Falls College in Georgia.
2.  Only my favorite restaurant in the whole world, Texas Roadhouse.  They need to come to Washington soon!  But it was good to make a trip there on my last full day in Georgia after a long day at Training Camp.
3.  Taking off two hours late (which was actually a good thing after getting caught in Atlanta traffic) I didn’t make it back to Seattle until 2am.  TIRED.
4.  I love summer flowers, especially on a nice sunny day.
5.  Birthday dinner with the family at Azteca!
6.  Back to Normandy CC for an awesome sermon from Kyle.
7. The new look of the Seattle waterfront.
8.  Playing tour guide at Pike Place market with Kim.  I love the flowers!

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A Week In The Life: July 10-16

a week in the lifeThis last year,as I was traveling on The World Race I had the idea to give my readers and supporters a glimpse into the life of a World Racer and out of that “A Week in the Life” was born.

While my gusto in this idea only lasted a couple of months, mostly due to (a photo editing website) closing, for 3 months I carried around my Ipod for a week, taking pictures with instagram and then forming the pictures into collages and posting them onto my blog.  I had a lot of fun, but when I couldn’t form the pictures into collages anymore it just became to much work.

Then, about a month ago as I was brainstorming ideas for this blog and the features I want to pursue on it with my return to Bolivia.  One of my favorite ideas?  A revamped/scaled back version of ” A Week in the Life.”   I just want it to be a small glimpse into my life and the awesome things to come in Bolivia.  But, instead of waiting until I get to Bolivia to start I thought I’d get a jump on building my new daily photo taking habit by beginning ” A Week in the Life” a little early, starting this last week with my trip to Georgia for Project Searchlight.  Enjoy!

A week in the life1.  New Kindle, yay!  What a blessing! (more on that to come). 2. Cute little Finley, he made our Project Searchlight coaching sessions so entertaining! 3. Billy Swan, teaching it up at Project Searchlight. 4. Large Frosted Orange drink, Hamburger and Onion Rings at Atlanta’s famous Varsity. 5. Braves vs. Mets game. 6. Missionary Interview sessions. 7. Happy 27 Birthday to me! 8. Surprise visit from Warren Barfield