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101 in 1001

101 in 1001

Start Date: May 26 2014
End Date: February 20 2017

I love the idea of setting goals for life, and get really excited when I can cross them off the list!  A few years ago I put together my life list (aka bucket list).  I have a lot of lofty goals on that list, but God willing I will still have 50+ years to get that done.  The goals on this list are more short term.  My hope is to live life to it’s fullest but without setting goals I have the tendency to sit around and put things off ’til tomorrow, or next week, or next month, until eventually I’ve wasted my time and done nothing.  This list was strangely difficult to put together, but I’m hoping that once these next 1001 days have passed the experience will have been incredibly rewarding.

Quito, Ecuador

1.   Learn how to manage my money
2.  Sponsor a child
3.  Read the entire Bible
5.  Read 36 books (11/36 complete)
6.  Read 5 faith books (2/5 complete)
7.  Read all 7 Harry Potter Books consecutively
8.  See 3 musicals
9.  Complete Project Life (2015)
10.  Get an apartment
11.  Pay off my credit cards
12.  Take a good chunk out my my student loans (ugh, unfortunatly I had to take out more!)
13.  Backpack through Europe
14.  Got to a Disney Park
15.  Go somewhere tropical
16.  Climb a mountain   (Flattop, Anchorage 9/2014)
17.  Go to a Seahawks game
18.  Road trip the Cascade Loop
19.  Go to the Arctic Circle
20.  Hike Mt. Rainier
21.  Go back and visit Liberty U
22.  Take a real vacation (no work, no volunteering, just fun and relaxing)
23.  Visit a new state (Alaska 8/2014)
24.  Travel to at least 5 states (other than WA) (2/5 complete: California, Alaska)
25.  Take a day trip by myself (more than a day trip, traveled from WA to AK on my own)
26.  Visit a long lost friend
27.  Visit an important/popular world site (ex. time sq., the Eiffel Tower, etc.)
28.  Go a week without the internet
29.  Go a week without TV
30.  Go a month without shopping
31.  Wake up 1 hr. before I need to everyday for a week
32.  Don’t shop at Target for a month (I know, very specific, but I have a problem)
33.  Give up soda for a month
34.  Finish an EMT Program (EMT 1 finished 12/2015, now on to EMT II!)
35.  Get a job I love
36.  Learn to play the guitar proficiently
37.  Run a race (actually run it!)
38.  Reach my goal weight
39.  Wear a single digit pant size
40.  Wear a pair of rain boots that actually fit
41.  Make a new good habit
42.  Learn how to do yoga
43.  Go snowboarding
44.  Go skiing
45.  Go on 3 hikes each year (2014: 4/3)(2015: 5/3)
46.  learn how to style my hair
47.  Do something adventurous with my hair
48.  Invest in quality makeup
49.  Get a pedicure
50.  Learn where I came from
51.  Become a consistent blogger
52.  Hit 100 blog followers
53.  Record/Post a vlog
54.  Learn how to decorate cakes
55.  Learn how to cook 20 new recipes
56.  Master manuel mode on my camera
57.  Learn to sew
58.  Make a T-shirt Quilt
59.  Learn how to paint with watercolors
60.  Make 20 things from Pinterest (3/20 complete)
61.  Revamp a piece of thrift store furniture
62.  Go camping
63.  Go to a concert (Celtic Women)
64.  Go to a festival/fair
65.  Have a picnic
66.  Host a dinner party
67.  Host a party (birthday, baby shower, etc.)
68.  Do something exciting for New Years Eve
69.  Take a boat ride
70.  Take a motorbike ride
71.   Get a massage
72.  Take my parents out to dinner
73.  Buy a hammock (and use it!)
74.  Fall in love
75.  Go to a pumpkin patch
76.  Play in the rain, snow, leaves and sand
77.  Go to a movie by myself
78.  Buy a lottery ticket when theres a huge jackpot
79.  Watch every Academy Award best picture since the year I was born (1985)
80.  Watch all of the Lord of the Rings extended edition movies in one day
81.  Join a Bible study
82.  Keep a prayer journal
83.  Participate in one day without shoes
84.  Leave 10 sticky notes with Bible verses on them in public restrooms
85.  Record my grandparents stories
86.  Scan 100 old family photos and create a coffee table book
87.  Go to a favorite restaurant and order something other than my favorite dish
88.  Clean out/organize my email and unsubscribe from all junk mail
89.  Clean/organize my computers
90.  Obtain a decent grasp on Spanish
91.  Get a new cell phone
92.  Invest in a good pea coat
93.  Mail someone a surprise package
94.  Meet someones need
95.  Send out Christmas Cards
96.  Send out 10 snail mail letters to friends
97.  Make a quality friend
98.  Build a snowman
99.  Buy a new car
100.  Finish Elaina’s baby scrapbook
101.  Make a scrapbook for Ezekial


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