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Eye Candy: Homer, AK

Hello my name is Amanda and I’m a tired Paramedic student.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about how blessed I am to live in not only in Alaska, but on the Kenai Peninsula.  Guys, this place is really gorgeous!  Mountains, oceans, lakes, it’s never ending!  So, I thought I’d share some pictures today from my last trip to Homer, one of my favorite spots on the Peninsula, from when I visited at the end of last year.  It’s a small town without much to it, but it’s oh so beautiful.  While it’s fun to visit during the tourist season (the end of May to Labor Day Weekend) while everything on the Spit it open, there’s a certain magical quality of visiting Homer during it’s winter abandonment.

Homer Spit

Look across the Spit and Kachemak Bay.  The day, while freezing, couldn’t have been more perfect.

Homer Spit

The beach felt absolutely abandoned.  It’s such a unreal feeling to have a place like this all to yourself.

Homer Spit

The iconic Salty Dawg Saloons’ lighthouse rising up from the Spit.

Homer Spit

So, in the afternoon, as we were leaving the Spit in search of food we looked to the left and saw a bunch of creatures floating in the slushy bay.  Upon closer look we found at least 50 sea otters relaxing and playing in the surf.  I’d never seen so many otters (my favorite animal) in one place!

Homer Spit

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, no matter the season eagles can always be found hanging around.

Homer Spit

So there’s this spot, up on the hill behind Homer, where you can get a great vantage point over the city and the bay.  The absolute best place to watch the sunset.

And finally, just a quick shot of us and our freezing selves.  The air temp was in the teens so with the wind and Lands End (at the far tip of the Spit) it had to have been close to 0 degrees!

Homer Spit

So there’s some eye candy and travel inspiration for the day.  If anyone wants to come visit let me know!



You May Call It Being Anal, I Call It Being Prepared

I haven’t always been a prepared packer.  Take for instance the World Race.  The week before I left my life suddenly got very crazy and in turn I kinda lost my mind, haha.  The day before I left I was shopping and when I came out of the store to get into my car I couldn’t find my keys anywhere, so I had to call my mom to come and bring an extra set.  It turns out my keys were in one of the pockets of my purse, the purse I took on the Race, which means I took my car keys on the Race with me.  Fail.  But it goes even farther.  I may have brought my car keys with me, but I managed to forget other things I actually needed.  Epic fail.

Moving to a different country is a pretty big deal, and this time I didn’t want another packing failure on my hands, so, to help me out I made a pretty extreme packing list.

And yes, I did draw half the things I’m bringing with me.  That’s just how my mind works, I’m a visual person.  Some of you might think my list looks like chaos, while others may see extreme organization, but I look at it and it just makes sense.  I see what I need, and I know exactly what needs to be in each bag…

Looking at these lists, it may seem like I’m packing a lot, but I am fully willing to edit. However I’ve done the whole living out of a backpack for a year thing, and now that I have a chance to have options, I’m going to take it!

And if a giant packing list isn’t enough, this time around I decided to take it another step further, yes, I made a packing to-do list, but one things for certain, I’m going to be one organized girl when I get to Bolivia and I’m going to be leaving a pretty organized life behind me.

Now the challenge is execution.  I mean, it’s one thing to make a packing/to-do list, it’s a whole other animal to follow through with it!

So here I go. I officially leave in 11 days, my list is done, I guess it’s time to get packing!